The Accused AD

The Accused AD

Coffin Break, Ten Pole Drunk, Acid Teeth

Sat, April 1, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)

$5.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

The Accused AD
The Accused AD
If you like hardcore and metal. You have a warm spot for good old days. You probably liked the Accused from Seattle. Considered to be one of the top ten crossover bands of the 80’s. With just one original member the real accused is still plugging along. But the rest of the guys from the band still wanted to play the old songs. So what did they do? Formed the accused AD (formerly known as martha’s revenge), “the West Coast’s Premiere Accused tribute band. That’s right: the other guys from the band formed an Impersonation act of their own band.
This time around the accused AD will be playing songs off of the Combat Records Release “More fun than an open casket funeral”. To commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the release.
Coffin Break
Coffin Break
Coffin Break formed in 1987 in Seattle. They released records for C/Z records and later signed with Epitaph Records.

They toured with the likes of Bad Religion, Gwar, and Victim's Family. They shared the stage with many great bands such as NoFx, Social Distortion, Dagnasty, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Skinyard, Gruntruck, Big Drill Car, HR (of Bad Brains), DOA, Cows, The Didjits, DC3, Sick of It All, Bomb, Primus, No Means No, Poison Idea, Alice Donut, Unsane, Down by Law, The Offspring, Lagwagon, Mudhoney, TAD, Grant Hart, Hard-Ons, The Gits, Hammerobx, L7, The Lunachicks, etc...

--They shied away from the grunge trend of the Northwest, instead drawing their inspiration from punk. C/Z Records ... issuing three of their albums and reissuing their first two albums as a single disc. The band issued their first two albums, Psychosis and Rupture, in 1989, featuring David Brooks on drums, Peter Litwin on guitar and vocals, and Rob Skinner on bass and vocals. The albums did well enough to earn the band a major-label contract, leading to two releases on Epitaph, Crawl in 1991 and Thirteen in 1992. Simultaneously, C/Z Records released a singles and outtakes collection, No Sleep 'Til the Stardust Motel, .... ~ Stacia Proefrock

--Coffin Break was formed in Seattle in the late 1980s, during the time that grunge was beginning to catch on; however, the group eschewed the nascent alternative sound, taking their influences from punk rock.[1] The group released its first two full-length albums and a compilation on C/Z Records. Signing to Epitaph Records, they released two further albums in 1991 and 1992 before disbanding in late 1993. Both bassist Rob Skinner and guitarist Peter Litwin wrote songs for the group, and the group's releases show a marked difference between their songwriting styles. Kurt Cobain mentioned the group as one of his favorite bands ~Review of No Sleep 'Til the Stardust Motel. Allmusic.
Ten Pole Drunk
Ten Pole Drunk
From Tacoma, Washington, we are Ten Pole Drunk.

We play because we love it, we drink because we can, and we are broke because of both.

6347- Taking control of the mic our frontman tears down the stage. He will jump down and stir up the pit or climb as high as he can get. He can belt it out louder than you can think. He's everywhere at once. He grew up on black coffee, staring at the wall, ready for the big takeover.

James- Forget what you think about guitar. Seriously. James is a force to be reckoned with. With lead and rhythm mashed together at an uncanny speed, with custom gear and south paw attitude, you can't find another guitar player like him.

Ricky-boy- If you like root notes and simple structures, Ricky-boy is not your bassist. Never playing what you'd expect, he will lay down a bass line so sick you'll be infected, addicted and begging for more.

Racket- Slow and quiet are two words this drummer is unfamiliar with. A rapid fire cannon of sonic devastation is relentlessly driven by her lonely single pedal. She effortlessy walks the line between control and chaos, somehow managing to keep the rest of Ten Pole Drunk in line.

With love for old-school hardcore, Ten Pole Drunk throws down fast, loud, rowdy, drunken shows for all to enjoy. In the old west a sobriety test was walking ten lamp poles. If you made it, you were good to go home. There were alcoholics that mastered this skill even though they were plastered and earned the title Ten Pole Drunk.
Acid Teeth
Acid Teeth
Acid Teeth is a punk rock quartet from Seattle, Washington.
Features members from Northwest Punk Veterans: RC5 / Go Like Hell / The Triple Sixes / Plaster
Genre: Punk / Post Hardcore / Pop Punk
Venue Information:
2803 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA, 98406