The Fat Tones


“This is one of the best rhythm and blues bands in the country and we are so lucky to have them here in the Northwest. The guitar work is brilliant and the three part harmonies add depth and interest to their first-rate sound.” • Jane Harris • Owner of The Waucoma Club

“With their tendency toward tight synchronization, expert musicianship and explosive instrumental interlude, the trio recalls the output of blues-rock greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn.” Cameron Rasmusson, writer for Bonner County Daily Bee Newspaper, Sandpoint, Idaho.

“The harmonies of The Fat Tones is unmatched by any band performing in this galaxy as far as I know. If you think I’m wrong, send me two tickets to whatever show proves me wrong.”
Robert Horn • Washington Blues Society

“Whether playing purely instrumental jams or showcasing their trademark harmonic melodies and clever lyrics, The Fat Tones bring it every time.” Matt Nagle • Tacoma Weekly Article

“Red-Hot rockin’ blues filled the air and wildly gesticulating masses of humanity packed the dance floor.” Jerry Peterson • VP Inland Empire Blues Society

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