Alive 85: A different kind of Elvis Presley Tribute

Alive 85

Baby and the Nobodies

Ages 21+
Alive 85: A different kind of Elvis Tribute

"What if- ALIVE 85-The King".... There have been 1000's of Elvis impersonators but never one like this... The show is based on the idea that The King DID NOT pass away Aug. 16th 1977 but instead was very much alive & well in 1985 still doing his amazing show but in a much different way than the traditional Elvis show of the 70's. Buckle your seat belts as Stelvis AKA Steve Unger takes you on a epic fantasy adventure in to uncharted waters to bring you the Elvis show that never was...

Venue Information:
2803 6th ave
Tacoma, WA, 98406