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Salt Riot, Wayward Strangers

Wed, May 10, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:00 pm)


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This event is 21 and over

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Ragone is a hard rock band based out of Spokane, WA formed in 2015, each member brings a variety of influences from Otis Redding to Necromantics.
In 2015 Guitarist Eric Feldhaus originally from Rutherford, NJ and drummer Andrew Akin from Sandpoint, ID met and found a sound. What started as two guys jamming in a basement, has now blossomed into Ragbone. Eric and Andrew, both having been in previous bands and playing many shows before started to get the “itch”, After months of coming up with great driving guitar riffs and heavy drum beats they decided to push forward and find additional members to get Ragbone up and going, after many trials and tribulations they finally found singer Tyler Gerstbrein originally from Iowa City, IA who brought kick ass vocals and great lyrics to the tribe. He also auditioned for “The Voice” in Las Vegas in 2016. They also added bassist Jacob Sebastian from San Francisco, CA, who brought in the low end and some great bass riffs.
They are currently in the studio recording their first CD and playing shows, locally and some shows not so local when they have time to get out of the studio.
These guys are in it for the long haul and if you are into hard rock, these guys are worth a listen.
If the music you are listening to makes YOU feel good then it’s good music, no matter what genre!
Salt Riot
Salt Riot
The Salt Riot is being described by the big bad corporate Music Biz as “alternative-rock” – but that’s where we differ a bit. This, by any measure, is just plain good music. Whatever it is supposed to be an alternative to, is irrelevant at this point. The Salt Riot distills rock ‘n’ roll that is seasoned perfectly for our current times. It needs no hyphens or qualifiers. It demands to be heard without labels, barriers, categories or conditions. So, let’s make this easy: Have a listen to The Salt Riot’s “Boom” and/ or “Angel” videos and I trust that you will also fall under their spell. [Pete Blecha]" NW Music Archives

"Theirs is a cleansing fire of guitar, bass and drums. A warming and potent distillation of an alternative Seattle sound. A trio of artisans with a fuse; a spark; an explosive fuzzed-up invocation of a rebellion against the Boyars who have become bloated in their counting houses, counting out their money. They bring light and love; freedom and purpose. This is their mission." Graeme Blackwell, Skin Back Alley.

"Breathes with the ease only a powerhouse three-piece can brag of, each moment crafted from the solid foundation created by this small team of mindful, talented musicians....Without knowing that The Salt Riot was a three-piece, you would never guess – Thick, melodic, and with a fierce amount of backbone, for listeners who know well-crafted expertise when they hear it." Jay Conrad, Northwest Music Scene
Wayward Strangers
Wayward Strangers
The "Wayward Strangers" is a classic rock and blues band. We are dedicated to playing songs from 1955 to 1985 in the classic styles that made them the huge hits of their day. We hope to transport our listeners back to a time when their lives were more carefree and spontaneous, allowing them to sing along and dance with youthful abandonment.
Venue Information:
2803 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA, 98406