Allison Chains

Allison Chains

Outshined, Past Curfew

Fri, April 28, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)

$10.00 - $15.00

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

Allison Chains
ALLISON CHAINS is the world's only all-female tribute to the band, Alice In Chains. Based in Los Angeles, Allison Chains delivers heavy metal riffs, hypnotic musical textures, and unique harmonies, creating the haunting, tortured sound that put Alice In Chains at the forefront of Seattle's early grunge bands. Although often equated with grunge, Alice In Chains has also been categorized as: hard rock, sludge metal, alternative, blues metal and just straight metal. Living and playing in Seattle might have given them the grunge tag, but according to Mike Inez, AIC were always the metal stepchildren of the Seattle scene. Allison Chains has made it a mission to honor all the musical ingredients that made the original AIC band rise to international fame. These extraordinary female rockers are are seasoned, accomplished performers with many individual achievements and awards. They authentically recreate Layne Stayley's wailing rage, Jerry Cantrell's melodic guitar fervor, Mike Starr and Mike Inez's powerful bass lines, and Sean Kinney's grinding rhythms. Allison Chains brings you back to the early 1990’s, performing songs from classic AIC albums: Facelift, Dirt, Alice In Chains, Sap, and Jar of Flies.


Caroline Heldman

Caroline sang "allelujah" as her first word, began formal vocal training at the age of three, and was a paid soloist by age five. As a teenager, she toured the West Coast with the popular rock band, Selah. Allison has a great number of credits including many impressive performances in some of the hottest clubs in New York including; CBGB's and The Gaslight with The Problems and Silicone Sirens. Her vocal stylization has graced over thirty albums as a studio musician, and she was a principal performer in professional theater productions of Chicago, A Little Night Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Brighton Beach Memoirs. Allison studied classical voice for two decades with the distinguished Oral Peru, and performed in numerous operas before returning to her first love: grunge metal. Her haunting rocker persona transforms her classical training into passionate, edgy growls and distinctive "snarl to a scream" vocals that are perfect for channeling the essence of AIC’s original infamous front person, Layne Staley. And it is no surprise, because Allison lived blocks away from the rock clubs in Seattle during the rise of grunge and didn't miss a moment in the mosh pit! She is also a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do who holds two national championship titles and is a well-known political pundit and book author.

Felicia Villani

Felicia Villani is a member of the Gibson Guitars Family of Artists. She is an accomplished lead guitarist and vocalist who early on became a professional player, getting her first paid gig at the age of 13. Felicia majored in music at the University of Colorado and acted in professional musical theater. She cut her teeth in the rock world, touring the U.S. and recording with bands out of both Denver and Detroit Motor City scenes including; Snowblind, Infrared, and The Music Zoo. Felicia has also toured internationally, performing throughout Asia, Australia, and British Indian Ocean Territories with the rock band Surrender Dorothy. Upon returning from overseas, she dove head first into the Los Angeles music melting pot and was signed to the Asha record label with the band Soul Instinct. She also worked as a session guitarist/singer under the wing of renowned producer, Gloria Jones-Bolan (Motown, Capitol/EMI). Felicia became a regular in L.A. studios, Rusk and Hit City. She also has been honored among Los Angeles area rock musicians, taking home the Rock City News Award for Best Female guitarist. Felicia is also a skilled house music DJ and production remixer who continues to influence dance floors with her energetic live sets after decades in the industry. Her blend of house and dark tribal music has earned multiple West Hollywood Award nominations for Outstanding DJ of the year and a Top 5 Bicardi DJ USA award. In a final twist, she is also a samurai sword wielding, three time Martial Arts Black Belt Grand Champion.

"P-Nut” Amelia Gioiello

P-Nut developed an interest in the Guitar at age 15 and later expanded to drums. She finally settled in with the bass in her early 20s after being recruited into a Los Angeles based all girl punk band, Female Chauvinist Pigs. For a decade P-Nut kept a kept a full schedule with the band, touring locally and regionally throughout the U.S., and releasing 2 full length albums. The group later morphed into a new band, minus 1 member, as Kill Kitty Kill. Her musical background includes a music degree from Southern California's Harbor College, hands-on work in the recording studio, and a collection of live performance credits with various Rock and Metal projects out of Southern California. Influenced by a wide range of musical styles, P-Nut's versatility ranges from the hard hitting heaviness of metal, the bravado of classic punk, the technical mental aspects of progressive, and the organic feel of rock, roots and indie. Holding down the low end for Allison Chains is a natural fit for P-Nut who is no stranger to drop down tunings, hard driving riffs, and melodic sensibility. Her current basses of choice are her Vintage 1984 SB Elite I, Black N Gold Aria Pro II, her Fender Aerodyne and her trusty Ibanez Ergodyne. Sighting her main influence as the instrument itself, her love for the bass drives her forward to learn and experience more with her craft everyday.


Misai was born in Hyogo, Japan. She began her music career at the age of 15 through bands as a drummer. She began her studies with Mr. Munetaka Higuchi the former drummer of the Japanese legendary band “Loudness". At age 19, she joined the all girl Japanese band “Low Head Machine". The band released 2 singles and 1 omnibus album from Red List Entertainment / Japan Degital Communications. Misai performed all over Japan, such as Shibuya Ax, Tsutaya O-East, Kawasaki Club Citta, OSaka Bigcat, and received tons of exposure from music magazines, news papers, and TV. She has worked as a roadie/assistant for famous Japanese drummers and bands such as Kozy Hasegawa(T.M.Revolution/Abingdon Boys School/Kinnikushojotai), Levin (La'cryma Christi), etc... After extensive work in the Japanese music industry, Misai decided to move to American in 2009. She has been performing with many different bands in the U.S. as a session drummer as well as playing with a Japanese anime style metal band "Black Crystal", and American rock band "Meant To Bleed”. Misai’s power hitting, dynamics, and attention to detail create the perfect backbone in Allison Chains.
A sonic tribute to the almighty SOUNDGARDEN and Temple Of The Dog
Past Curfew
Solon Scott - vocals

Solon likes to get up and after it! His high energy, electrifying style is all about making the fans have an amazing experience. Expect the unexpected, as he "explores the stage", "gets down with the crowd", or belts out an unexpected tune. No two shows are ever the same! He is proud to front Past Curfew as it allows him to continue to grow as an artist. Through the amazing musicians behind him and the choice of songs, he can try on a variety of sounds and styles while still delivering an entertaining performance. Previously he was the front man for Brigade, a hard rock and metal band. Before that, he was lead singer for Rewired, which did a variety of pop, rock, disco and country. Solon's motto is simple: "People like to party, I like to party with the people, so let's have a party!"

Nick Kurtz - guitar

Bio on its way soon...

Keith F. Kelly - bass

Keith took piano lessons as a child, but the music that moved him wasn't classical. He wrote and produced electronic music for several years, until he grew fascinated with bass-centric alternative rock bands like Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Faith No More. Keith rushed out and bought a bass guitar and began teaching himself to play. After moving to Seattle in 1999, Keith joined "The Soul Proprietors", a local soul and Motown cover band, and gigged regularly with them for several years. Later, he formed and led an alternative rock cover band called The Morans, focused on playing seldom-covered highly-challenging songs and bands within the genre. As a joke at a house party, the band played an improvised version of the Commodores song "Brick House" and posted a video recording of it up on YouTube... but the joke was on them when Universal Studios contacted the band and licensed the audio of that recording for use in the opening scene of the 2009 movie "Duplicity" starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. In 2010, Keith joined up with Seattle rock band 93 Octane, with which he performed frequently around the region for a few years. After parting ways with that band, Keith eventually assembled a new project which went on to become Past Curfew.

Jeff Hall - dums

Jeff has been an Edmonds, WA resident since birth and has a long list of accomplishments to his name. He has recorded locally and takes a lot of pride in his craft. Jeff started playing the drums in the 7th grade, made the jazz lab band as a freshman at WSU, and played every club he could. He has studied both jazz history and music theory and learned from some of the Pacific Northwest's top instructors. Jeff gradually developed a passion for rock drumming, so he joined a rock band that played fraternity gigs and high school dances throughout the region, transferring his well-honed skills to a new and exciting style. Later, Jeff joined up with Seattle rock band 93 Octane, where he met Keith. After performing together a couple years, Keith and Jeff eventually left and formed their own project, which became Past Curfew. Jeff keeps the band rocking and grooving with his solid chops and easy-going style.
Venue Information:
2803 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA, 98406