The Briefs

The Briefs

NOI!SE, Dreadful Children, Ten Pole Drunk

Sat, July 14, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)

$12.00 - $15.00

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This event is 21 and over

The Briefs
The Briefs
The fall of 2000 was a time of innocence. Clinton was President. The Twin Towers were still standing. And Bob Seger still had his dignity. Then the Briefs burst onto the scene like a neutron bomb with the audaciously titled “Hit After Hit” and the punk rock landscape was changed forever.

Their ’77-style pop punk is loud, raucous and fierce, yet cohesive and hooky and hilarious. The Briefs are like a team of Chinese acrobats falling down the stairs on purpose. And when I say “pop” I mean popular in the broadest sense possible. The fifteen year-old mall hottie is a fan, but so is the 40 year-old stalwart with the pristine Undertones collection. Sure The Briefs wear their influences on their sleeve – Adverts, Buzzcocks, Weirdos to name just a few -- but they cop to them like junkies caught tying off in the alley with a skinny tie. They can’t help it. It’s in their blood. Listen you’ll understand. The groove is familiar but they’ve got a sound that’s all their own and uniquely unique. Infectious? Once they get in your ear, there’s no getting them out. The Briefs are mother fucking nerve agents for a diseased life.

With their skinny ties, plastic sunglasses, matching bleach-blond dye jobs and bad haircuts, The Briefs take the stage like commandos of the New Wave, retro zombies from the Disco Inferno. Take a good look because once they start to play it’s all a blur. This is their secret. It’s not what they sound like or what they look like. It’s their energy. They’ll come to your town and electrify the place. It doesn’t matter if they go on first, last or in between. It doesn’t matter if it’s an all- ages gig, an outdoor music fest, or a shitty little dive bar deep in the heart of Wrongville. The Briefs are one of the hardest working bands in America. They’ll play any time, anywhere. They’ll pile out of the van and stun the crowd like rioters at a Republican convention.

They have so much energy, it’s hard to believe they’re from Seattle. The city that put lattes and flannel on the map. A place so dull it’s known for rain. The Briefs still make Seattle their home, but they’ve come a long way since their debut record, and they’re still cranking out hits. They’ve played the Wasted Festival in the UK, the Warped Tour in the USA, and a gang of shows in between. True to their “on tour for the indefinite future” motto, they’ve been back to Europe where they sold out the biggest tour they’ve booked so far across the UK, Germany, Italy, and France and have since been back on US soil and are on their second US tour in the last 8 monthes, this time with Pyschobilly sensations, The Horrorpops and will be appearing at select dates including the 2006 Bumbershoot festival in their hometown this summer and beyond.

Years later they’re still poor and still weird but their fans are so much richer for the shitload of records they’ve put out along way. If you’re hungry for more history, BYO re-releasd “Hit After Hit” and “Off the Charts” so now you can listen to what you’ve been missing, but start with their newest record: “Steal Yer Heart.” It’s got 12 tracks of pure punk rock pandemonium. If their last record, “Sex Objects” was full of political mischief, an antidote for these tumultuous times, “Steal yer Heart” is a dysfunctional love song, a reflection of the challenges that come with spending half your life on the road.

There’s the anthem-ish “Criminal Youth,” the hilarious “Getting Hit on at the Bank,” and the blistering “Can’t Get Through.” And then there’s “I Can’t Work” a song so nerve-jangled and strange it feels like audio panic attack. Even the newest member, Stevie Kicks of the New Town Animals from Vancouver BC, puts in a turn at lead vocals with “Forty & Above.” Romance schmomance (fictional or otherwise). The Brief’s new record is a platter full of anti-love songs for anyone who has ever had a bad case of rotten love. Think of it as a soundtrack for tenderhearted hooligans and sweet-as-sin heartbreakers to break up by. Just give it a spin and you’ll come crawling back for more.

2007 brought even more changes to the quartet as the realities of such subject matters they’ve been lauded for writing about in their songs came around. Being “Poor and Weird” or knowing “I Can’t Work” were becoming obstacles in each of their personal lives. After long touring stints the previous year in support of “Steal Yer Heart”, the band returned to Seattle to regroup. Months later, the official “story” on what the status of the band remained a mystery until the announcement of a European tour with the Misfits in the UK and a full European tour for the fall of 2007. As a follow up to the delightful news that the band were indeed still active, the release of “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, a movie about the band was announced for the fall of 2007. As a bonus, a 2nd disc will include rare live recordings of some of the bands’ most popular hits. What the future holds for this band remains, to some degree, a mystery, but what is for certain is that 4 lps, countless singles, tours, and now, a DVD movie means that the band is most definitely here to stay.
4 piece streetpunk band from Tacoma/ Seattle, WA.
Dreadful Children
Dreadful Children
"Hailing from Seattle Washington, there is no trite slapback of the Nirvana-era here. Dreadful Children champion the unlikely equation of Iron Maiden–esque riffery and the Toy Dolls' sense of bouncy, infectious absurdity and somehow create a mad-scientist hybrid that totally kills! "
- The Stranger

"Gracing the stage before Stoned Evergreen Travelers was one of my favorite Seattle punk bands, Dreadful Children. This is another band that has evolved beautifully over time. Like a good wine, they get more flavorful over time. Spicy would be a good way to describe them.

This is also a band that defies stereotypes in that they have a female guitar player (Lizzie Franks) who also trades off on lead vocals as well as providing harmony. Her voice is smooth and sweet and the perfect contrast to the grungy vocals of Lonny Bristle. Add Johnny Mischief on bass and Kevn Labarre on drums (whose ginger locks whipped about in such a frenzy he almost looked like he had a flame thrower on his head) and you have a clue of what you’re in for when seeing Dreadful Children play. They are well worth the effort of a trek to whatever club they happen to shake up next." - East Portland Blog
Ten Pole Drunk
Ten Pole Drunk
From Tacoma, Washington, we are Ten Pole Drunk.

We play because we love it, we drink because we can, and we are broke because of both.

6347- Taking control of the mic our frontman tears down the stage. He will jump down and stir up the pit or climb as high as he can get. He can belt it out louder than you can think. He's everywhere at once. He grew up on black coffee, staring at the wall, ready for the big takeover.

James- Forget what you think about guitar. Seriously. James is a force to be reckoned with. With lead and rhythm mashed together at an uncanny speed, with custom gear and south paw attitude, you can't find another guitar player like him.

Ricky-boy- If you like root notes and simple structures, Ricky-boy is not your bassist. Never playing what you'd expect, he will lay down a bass line so sick you'll be infected, addicted and begging for more.

Racket- Slow and quiet are two words this drummer is unfamiliar with. A rapid fire cannon of sonic devastation is relentlessly driven by her lonely single pedal. She effortlessy walks the line between control and chaos, somehow managing to keep the rest of Ten Pole Drunk in line.

With love for old-school hardcore, Ten Pole Drunk throws down fast, loud, rowdy, drunken shows for all to enjoy. In the old west a sobriety test was walking ten lamp poles. If you made it, you were good to go home. There were alcoholics that mastered this skill even though they were plastered and earned the title Ten Pole Drunk.
Venue Information:
2803 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA, 98406