Don Jamieson, Archer Nation, Coven, Toxic Reign

Sat, April 13, 2019

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm (event ends at 11:00 pm)

$15.00 - $20.00

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Canadian heavy metal band formed in the 70s and based in Toronto, Ontario. Initially known as Lips (13).

Current Lineup:
Robb "Gaze" Reiner - drums (1978–present)
Steve "Lips" Kudlow - lead vocals, lead guitar (1978–present)
Chris Robertson - bass, backing vocals (2014-present)

Former members:
Dave "Squirrely" Allison - guitar (1978–1989)
Ian "Dix" Dickson - bass (1978–1993)
Sebastian Marino - guitar (1989–1995)
Ivan Hurd - guitar (1995–2007)
Mike Duncan - bass (1993-1996)
Glenn Gyorffy (Glenn Five) - bass, backing vocals (1996–2012)
Sal Mayne (Sal Italiano) - bass (2012-2014)
Archer Nation
Archer Nation
DYLAN: Guitar/Vocals

Dylan carries his guitar and vocal duties with a passion. His musings across the fretboard confound and entertain, as he cites important influences such as Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, and Zakk Wylde. His passionate singing lets the audience know just how much the music matters to him; it is astonishing to watch him weave his talented playing and singing into a singular act. Whether he’s on or off the stage, Dylan always plays for keeps.

DAVID: Bass/Vocals

David holds a reverence for the bass guitar that is truly rare. His technical proficiency and musically diverse style come from years of honing his craft with a dedication not often seen. Influenced by the likes of Geezer Butler, Jack Bruce, Jaco Pastorius, Billy Sheehan, John Entwistle, and Marcus Miller, the present day result is a monster metal musician that Archer fans love as he unleashes his killer playing night in and night out.


Like the rest of the band, Keyhan grew up in the musically rich environment of the Bay Area. He began on piano at a young age before learning guitar and drums. Drawing influences from all styles, Keyhan blends a unique approach with his love for all kinds of metal, resulting in a fresh take on a classic form. Since joining at the start of 2015, Keyhan has already made his mark on the band’s sound having toured on many runs in promotion of 2015′s release “Culling The Weak”.
Thrash never sounded so evil and funny!! -cravingforvenom on August 2nd, 2010

Seattle, WA will always be remembered by people in the rock music fraternity as the birthplace of grunge and early progressive/power metal of which the former became a widely followed religion worldwide in the nineties while the latter sure enjoyed good success towards the end of the eighties. Little do they know that the city also spawned a devilish fiend and its name was Coven. Wicked, funny, diabolic, inhumane, perverted and demented are but a few terms that pretty much summed up the songwriting prowess. One look at the album cover of “Blessed is the black” and you could be sure this isn’t going to be conventional hard rock singing about love, compromises and family issues. While they did not break any new grounds musically as much of it could still be dubbed thrash with just a few leanings towards doom, power and even black metal, their lyrical content certainly raised a lot more eyebrows than what the band may have even expected themselves. Coven sure did release one stunner of a debut album with an absolute unrestrained approach.

Coven was formed in Mountlake Terrace Washington by school friends Ward Wissler, Paul Hash and Dean Babbitt. Jay Clark was added then Neal Babbitt Replaced Wissler. Gary Peebles came onboard just in time to begin recording Blessed Is The Black at Stacy Christianson's S.C.M.Studios which was one block from the Babbitts home in Mtlk.Terr. where they practiced.
Other local bands Mace & The Accused had previously recorded albums there and Forced Entry would record their demo there.

The band's album in demo form became very popular and they stayed busy playing parties, grange halls and local clubs. They were offered a spot on David Portnow's Metal Meltdown 3 album. Portnow offered them a contract for worldwide distribution of their recordings on (then) his "Ever Rat" Records which allowed them the exposure they still enjoy to this day.

The lineup stayed the same untill Neal Babbitt left some time after Death Walks Behind You (recorded at Triad Studios in Redmond Washington) was released.

Many of the songs were already written when it was decided to record another album. The remainder of the material was completed with the help of Death Squad members Brian Sparhawk and Jerry Ziegler.

Neal Babbitt was to have played on Boneless Christian (recorded at Mike Foss Studio) but due to scheduling conflicts Jason Moody was enlisted. Gary Peebles opted out of "B.C." though he had done much of the songwriting for the album, while Dean took double duty on guitar & bass.

Note, Dean Babbitt And Tony Benjamins (Forced Entry) were school and skateboarding friends for many years and played in their first band together.
The two bands (Coven & Forced Entry) practiced only a block apart in the small town of Mountlake Terrace Washington. The two bands have always maintained a (mostly) friendly rivalry.
Forced Entry's Brad Hull played the guitar solo on Blessed is the Black's Burn the Cross.
Toxic Reign
Toxic Reign
In 2009, Zakk and Lance met on Craigslist. When Lance saw Zakk's post which ended in "Poison sucks!", a match was made for destruction. The two practiced literally almost 7 days a week in the summer of 2009 at Zakk's apartment, playing along to bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Dio, Pantera, just to name a few. After a few tryouts of many members and Lance's stint with local Tacoma band Sword of Judgement, the two found Dave Prieto through a friend and started building a monster of b-horror movie porportions. The main goal of the band....:SPREAD THE THRASH METAL DISEASE AND HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE!
Venue Information:
2803 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA, 98406